Facts About Bipolar Disorder In Children


facts about bipolar disorder Facts About Bipolar Disorder In Children

Facts About Bipolar Disorder - Bipolar disorder is a mental illness, periods of mania followed by periods of depression link. Mania is characterized by hyperactivity, little need for sleep, marked by cruelty and inability to concentrate. Depression is characterized by fatigue, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts and insomnia. These periods of mania and depression are called episodes.

Facts About Bipolar Disorder - Bipolar disorder typically begins for people during adolescence and early adulthood.It is unusual for bipolar disorder begin in childhood without strong familial risk factors, and it rarely onset after age 60 years, going to (if associated with other medical conditions). Bipolar disorder occurs in about 2% of the adult population, and men and women are equally affected.

Facts About Bipolar Disorder - For those with bipolar disorder, drug treatment in the form of mood stabilizers (such as lithium), antipsychotics, either atypical (eg, Zyprexa) and typical (like Chlorazin), commonly prescribed diagnosed. Antidepressants can be prescribed by a physician or psychiatrist. This page provides some details and some general ideas and types of drugs are often prescribed for bipolar disorder, and type of side effects, the most experience.

It should be clear that with the exception of many SSRI antidepressants, drugs for the treatment of bipolar disorder, usually slow mental and physical functions of the body.Antipsychotics and mood stabilizers of all genres in general, extreme sleepiness or drowsiness in some clients.

Facts About Bipolar Disorder - The frequency, intensity and duration of symptoms and response to treatment varies.There is currently no cure for bipolar disorder, but there are many treatment options, including choice of drugs, therapies and lifestyle. Finding help and adherence to treatment plans can make a big difference in the life of a teenager with BP. Genetic findings in a more accurate diagnosis, better treatments and possible cure.

Facts About Bipolar Disorder

Facts About Bipolar Disorder

Facts About Bipolar Disorder


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