Mesotherapy in the Treatment of Pain

Mesotherapy in the treatment of pain Mesotherapy in the Treatment of PainMany of you know mesotherapy through mesotherapy aesthetic treatments given by (allopécie, cellulite treatment, treatment of stretch marks, mesolift …). But mesotherapy is also very often used in the treatment of pain (pain of sports, pain from osteoarthritis). This technique allows injection treatment of acute and chronic pain (sprain, épicoldylite, tendonitis, back pain, headache …).

Mesotherapy is a superficial injection technique (between 1 and 13 mm deep). The injections are performed with allopathic treatments also useful in the context of traditional medicine. All drugs used in mesotherapy or marketing authorization for intravenous injection, there is never a cortisone injection in mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy “painkiller” must be performed by experienced physicians who have received adequate training. (D.I.U mesotherapy). These injections are given after a thorough clinical examination to localize the target of pain.

Mesotherapy was discovered 50 years by Dr. Pistor, whose motto was “little, and rarely in the right place.” The major advantage of mesotherapy and have a targeted therapy, using a minimum of therapeutic substances (NSAIDs, muscle relaxants …) but it is a most effective for a period as long as possible and especially to right place.

Mesotherapy in the treatment of pain has a bright future before it provided it is performed by experienced practitioners and good indications.

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