National No Smoking Day Australia

No Smoking Day 2011 National No Smoking Day Australia

No Smoking Day 2011 - No Smoking Day is set to start Wednesday, March 9, 2011. If you are a smoker, are youthinking? Would you smoke all your life? You could save you serious health problems,save money and feel better mentally too.

No Smoking Day 2011 - There are many advantages in the short and long term health to quit smoking. In just 20 minutes blood pressure and pulse ex-smokers returns to normal. In just 24 hours carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body and lungs start to clear the accumulation of tar. In2-12 weeks Circulation improves, making walking and running easier. At 3-9 monthscoughs, wheezing or problems to improve the lungs have room for oxygen. The risk of aheart attack is halved after one year and quit smoking after 10 years lung cancer risk ishalved.

No Smoking Day 2011 - The service itself offers many ways to help you quit smoking, you can choose which bestsuits your lifestyle. This includes individual counseling, group support, mutual aid, NRT(nicotine replacement therapy), or prescription drugs.

No Smoking Day 2011 - Senior stop smoking, Alan Elgar, said: ”We meet many smokers who became ill from smoking and they say they bought” cheap “tobacco. The first sign is blood carbon monoxide (CO) reading (this is what causes the thickening of the blood and increasesthe risk of heart attacks and strokes). CO measurements of these people from smokingare much higher. ”

No Smoking Day this year comes at a time when the media recently, such as ”Smokingand bandits” BBC Panorama program revealed the dangers of illegal tobacco thatplagued the country. The program has shown that illegal cigarettes are 30 times moredangerous and toxic than the standard tobacco.

No Smoking Day 2011

No Smoking Day 2011

No Smoking Day 2011

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