The Ophthalmologist Department of Diagnostic

The Ophthalmologist Department of Diagnostic The Ophthalmologist Department of DiagnosticDiseases of the eye in recent years have seen progress. An experienced ophthalmologist can name dozens of reasons to blame for this. The problem is not only adults, but it is largely exposed, and children.

Modern technological civilization far loads by human eyes. To keep up with the rapidly changing world, we are learning more and operate vision. Ecology is also the reason for which the ophthalmologist did not forget to specify.

We can not keep up with the rhythm of modern life, but to maintain its quality for years to come, just have to take care of their eyes. Save acuity will help you to an ophthalmologist, “Center for Family Health.”
Consulting Ophthalmologist

Our multi-disciplinary medical center offers counseling to come to an ophthalmologist. It turns out a wide range of diagnostic services and procedures. Reception children are both ophthalmologists – ophthalmologists and doctors for adults.

Consulting an ophthalmologist will help you to find glasses of any complexity measure eye pressure and undergo a complete diagnosis of the modern new equipment.

You may come to us as a preventive measure or for treatment in any case, consult an ophthalmologist will be useful. You will receive the attention of our doctors and sincere desire to help.


In our medical center reception are experienced professionals. Ophthalmologist will help you keep an eye on the health of many years. We take the highest category of oculists, candidates of medical sciences. Extensive experience of practical work, which has each of our ophthalmologist – is the best recommendation and guarantee of accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.
Appointments to the ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologist takes on the record. Call for multi-channel (495) 925-00-40, and you agree convenient date and time. There is another way – please send a request for appointment with an ophthalmologist on the Internet. Our staff will call you and ask the right time of the visit.

We are waiting for you at the Center for Family Health. Find us very simply – address, phone number and map are in the Contact section where you can print them out.

Ophthalmologist in Moscow near the metro station: Timiryazevskaya Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, Dmitrovsky, Airport, Falcon, Dynamo, Savelovskaya, Vladykino, Marina Grove.

People often ask why there are two different names for the same specialty – optometrist and ophthalmologist. The fact is that medicine uses two languages ​​Latin and Greek. In Latin Eye – oculus (Oculus), and in Greek ophthalmos (oftalmos). From these foreign words and place names of the doctors. In addition, the term optometrist echoes the Russian word “eye.”

Thus, an ophthalmologist is an ophthalmologist, and you can use the name that you like more. In fact, it’s the same thing.

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