Type of treatment for mesothelioma and asbestos exposure

Today, there are a number of treatment options for patients with mesothelioma: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Mesothelioma Doctors have learned that most patients that is strong enough to be better on a combination of surgery and chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Often surgery is performed to remove as much tumor as possible, then chemotherapy or radiation therapy is used as adjuvant therapy to kill remaining cancer cells. For patients who survive any surgery, radiation therapy may be the best option. Log into a clinical trial may be an option for some patients, and they provide information that could improve the treatment of mesothelioma in the future.
Doctors also examine some innovative  mesothelioma treatments, such as gene therapy, immunotherapy and photodynamic therapy. The patients, all these options with the help of their doctors. Patients learn about their illness and have their doctors in the best position to make the right decisions about their treatment and quality of life to make.
Who is at risk from asbestos
Asbestos exposure to dangerous levels if a person is constantly exposed to the inhalation of asbestos fibers over a prolonged period. In such cases, the disease is sure to happen, but could develop between 15 to 40 years after first exposure.

The use of asbestos in a variety of products, and home and office insulation in electrical panels, roof tiles, cement pipes, etc. was common from the 1940s to 80.Almost all those affected seriously due to asbestos exposure have affected during this period. Symptoms may not yet shown, but could occur anytime now. The people in danger, after the 1980s are the ones who are / in building renovation, demolition and dismantling of ships of all who were involved contain asbestos, and not have the appropriate procedures followed for these tasks.

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